Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas According to Jesus

Christmas. What’s it all about?

Imagine you’re observing Christmas from the outside—say you’re a space alien or a Jehovah’s Witness. What would you conclude?

You’d most likely think it has to do with economics: spending money, making money, giving and receiving things.

It’s possible you would surmise it has to do with religion: symbols, decorations, songs, and rituals about the birth of a holy Child.

You may come to believe it’s about relationships: friends and family fellowshipping.

You could decide it’s primarily about children and magic.

Obviously, most of us don’t have an outsider’s view of Christmas. Rather, we’ve experienced it from the inside for as long as we can remember.

What’s it about really?
Now, there’s nothing wrong with any of the above answers, per se. And it may be that there’s no definitive answer to our query because Christmas means different things to different people.

So let’s be more specific. What about the birth of God’s Son?

There’s no need to speculate when we can go straight to the source. The Son of God says,

The reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to Me. ~John 18:37

Christmas, according to Jesus, is about His bearing witness to the truth. He reveals the truth in all He is, says, and does. It’s why He was born. What truth is He speaking of?

The truth of who God is.

The truth of who we are.

The truth of the Kingdom of Heaven.

We celebrate Christmas according to Jesus when we listen to Him and bear witness to the same truth that He bears witness to; when we believe and purposefully live His truth as His intimate followers.

There’s been much “concern” and, of course, conflict over the commercialization and secularization of Christmas.

I get it.

But maybe we’ll truly have more Christ in our Christmas as we put more Christ in our Christianity. At least think about it, won’t you? 

And while you’re ruminating…have a Merry Christmas, dear reader. 

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