Saturday, September 10, 2016

Foray Into The Prophetic

I’m going to make some bold predictions.

Let me set the stage for you…

The campaign has been absolutely ferocious. Presidential candidates, _______ and _______, are unabashed serial liars and they have savaged each other to the best of their abilities.

Naturally both of them claim that this election is the most important election ever and if their opponent wins it may very well be the last election until the next one. In short, the survival of the nation probably depends solely upon them.

Of course, the overwhelming majority of Americans couldn’t be more disappointed. The lament heard everywhere is, “_______ and _______ are the best we can do?”

Minds are absolutely boggled.

Okay, the stage is set.

Now for mind-boggling prognostications…

First, many folks will vote for a party, not a politician. That is, they will vote for _______ or _______ based upon little or nothing more than the (D) or the (R) that appears beside the names. (They will do this top to bottom.)

Second, incredibly large groups will vote not as much for _______ but rather against _______.

The thinking goes something like this: I hate _______ less than I hate _______ so I’d better vote for _______ because I’d hate to waste my vote!

Third, much smaller but exceptionally LOUDER groups (let’s call these “true believers”) will vote for _______ or _______ because they are worshipfully (and I mean this literally) committed to them.

Among these are people—some who claim to be Christian—who sacrifice friendships and family members to the would-be gods of State.

That is, they lack the capacity to individuate themselves from _______ or _______. Thus, if a person (no matter who or how close) is less than supportive of _______ or _______, that person is now perceived as a traitor or personal enemy.

Fourth and climactically, I can tell you that _______ is going to win.

Mark it down.

_______ will be President of the United States.

“True believers” everywhere will either be ecstatic or eviscerated.

Maybe you’re thinking, “C’mon, Steve, fill in the blanks! Tell us who’s gonna win—Donald or Hillary?”

Oh, I’m not talking about 2016! (My prophetic gifts are much more powerful than this.) I’m talking about 2020. Try to keep up.

History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before.
Nothing under the sun is truly new.
~Ecclesiastes 1:9

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