Saturday, July 30, 2016

Surrogates For Jesus

You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you;
And you shall be witnesses unto Me . . .
(Acts 1:8)

Last week I determined to go on a media “fast” regarding all things political—Stephen Colbert my only exception. (I mean…let’s be reasonable.)

And let me tell you: The cleanse feels pretty good.

If you’re like me—and it’s hard to imagine you’re not—it’s quite easy to get sucked into or wrapped up in whatever happens to be CNN’s or Facebook’s flavor of the day.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like to be informed. However, obsessively thinking about politics or whatever the news is entertaining informing us with can be, at least in my experience, counterproductive.

Shouldn’t we want our thoughts and worldview to be shaped and developed more by Jesus Christ, than Wolf Blitzer? (If this offends you, please do not hesitate to substitute Wolf with FOX.)

Two things come immediately to mind as to why we should desire this.

First, Jesus is more knowledgeable, wise, powerful, and loving than anyone else. If we truly want to understand ourselves and the world in which we live, why wouldn’t we learn from Him?

Second, we are to be His witnesses.

The force of witnessing was impressed upon me a couple of weeks ago.

While enjoying coffee and a donut, I rather disinterestedly watched a morning show on TV. An actor I don’t know was talking about a show I don’t watch. (Yes, I’m that plugged in.)

But suddenly the interview shifted.

It seems the actor is a surrogate for a well-known political candidate. With pride and enthusiasm he began to tell the politician’s story. He was winsome and articulate. He was no longer interested in talking about anything or anyone else. He only wanted to talk about the life and philosophy of the one for whom he is a surrogate.

After he finished I mused: What if more of us were like this guy—happy and eager to share Christ’s story and His ideas. 

You see, dear reader, Christ’s life is the greatest life. His ideas are the best. There’s no one better to follow. So let’s unashamedly pledge ourselves to Him and His Way. In other words, let’s be passionate surrogates for Jesus. 

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