Monday, June 27, 2016

Jesus & The European Disunion

Before last Friday most Americans (say…85%) likely spent less than 15 minutes of their entire life thinking about the European Union. (I’m not counting the unfortunate folks who’ve subjected themselves to Left Behind movies and John Hagee charts.)

But now the EU and BREXIT are all the rage.

Will this eventually help Britain’s economy? What will be the economic impact on the world and America? Will other EU nations follow suit? Will Scotland secede from the United Kingdom? Will immigrants suddenly boycott Britain? What about Russian aggression? Can Britain’s Got Talent survive another season?

All of these are very good questions. At the time of this writing, we’re barely 24 hours in and already 2 million Brits have petitioned their government for another a referendum—a do-over, if you will.

So…we’ll see.

Presently, my thoughts traverse two tracks...

On the one hand, the libertarian in me applauds BREXIT. I prefer decentralization and small, non-intrusive government. In my opinion, in matters of governance, local and less is best.

But on the other hand, I’m very much aware of the 20th century horrors unleashed, in large part, by unbridled nationalism: 80-100 million human beings slaughtered in two World Wars.

Such atrocities, in the name of God and country, boggle the mind. Hence, history will not allow me to place my faith in nationalism.

Yet I cannot abide the utopian dreams of globalism either. This is to say, neither globalism nor nationalism holds the cure for what ails us. Again, we needn’t be seers of the future—just students of the past—to know this.

Even so, there remains another path; an alternate Way.

Identity (vainly sought in nationalism) and unity (falsely promised in globalism) are most truly and profoundly realized in the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. He did not endorse Jerusalem (nationalism) or Rome (globalism). Rather, He preached the good news of the Kingdom of God.

Perhaps you’re thinking: His Way will never work in the “real” world. Oh? Which world do you imagine He came to save if not the “real” one?  

Dear reader, Jesus—not identity politics or globalist visions—is the answer to our personal brokenness and interpersonal alienation. He alone can heal our individual and corporate fragmentation.

So let us pursue, enjoy, and share life together in His kingdom. And may His holy fellowship spread throughout the world—as C.S. Lewis would say—like good infection.

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