Thursday, November 19, 2015

Crybullies & Snowflakes

A few days ago I was introduced to the term crybully. Daniel Green breaks it down for us. 
The crybully is the abuser who pretends to be a victim. His arguments are his feelings. He comes armored in identity politics entitlement and is always yelling about social justice or crying social justice tears.

If you don’t fight back, the crybully bullies you. If you fight back, the crybully cries and demands a safe space because you made him feel unsafe.

Lions form a pride, crows gather into a murder and crybullies cringe into a crymob. The crymob demands a safe space because free speech and dissent makes its crybullies feel very unsafe.

Crybullies can be found just about anywhere nowadays but they are nowhere as plentiful as on college campuses. Here’s a crybully in action at Yale University.

Clearly, Roger Kimball is correct when he observes that the crybully “has weaponized his coveted status as a victim.” 

Now, what has given rise to the crybully phenomenon? It seems the answer may be found in a mental condition commonly called Special Snowflake Syndrome

A recovering sufferer of this malady explains:
Special Snowflake Syndrome: The belief that one is a proverbial “unique and special snowflake.” Symptoms include inflated self-importance and an unfailing sense of entitlement. Those with exposure to excessive coddling in childhood are at especially high risk.

Thankfully, there are signs that crybully snowflakes and their “safe spaces” may be melting away soon. Consider South Park and snowflake delusions…

Fellow followers of Jesus Christ, let’s learn from crybullies and snowflakes.

We needn’t suppress free speech and expression. We needn’t be angry and fearful. Rather, we need to be secure in Christ and speak His truth in love. Jesus offers to lead us out of “safe spaces” and into His kingdom: Follow Me.

Yeah…He’s talking to you.

(Yes, I know. He’s talking to me too. Settle down, Snowflake.) 


  1. Wow - that is so refreshing to see an actual explanation and name for what is going on. Thank you for writing this, and helping the world face head on what is plaguing this culture. We do need a reality check. We as a nation have gone from being the strongest nation in the world to being a bunch of crybabies - and now, crybullies. We are too hypersensitive as a culture, and it is not mentally or emotionally healthy. We need more engagement in intelligent, calm, respectful debate, not yelling and crying out because we are not getting our own way. Fear breeds that type of behavior. Knowledge empowers. God heals us. We do need to get out of our comfort zones and follow Christ toward healing and spiritual peace, despite what is going on around us. Thank you for your post!

    1. Thank you for reading and thinking. Happy Holidays!

    2. Thank you for reading and thinking. Happy Holidays!