Thursday, July 30, 2015

"Hands Up! Don't Crush!"

I’m borrowing “Hands Up! Don’t Crush!” from a meme I saw on Facebook. It has a baby in the womb with her hands above her head—an obvious reference to the wanton murdering of innocent preborn babies. 

It’s an unconscionable fact: Over 50,000,000 preborn and partially born babies have been legally murdered in the United States. This is proof positive that there is often a world of difference between what is legal and what is moral 

It’s undeniable. In the USA killing babies is big business.  

And make no mistake. It is baby-killing. Both Princeton ethicist, Peter Sanger, and deceased atheist, ChristopherHitchens, point this out. There is no biological, logical, or rational difference between killing a baby inside the womb and killing her outside it. The birth canal isn’t magical. The baby in the room is the very same baby in the womb—no change of being or essence.  

Nevertheless the barbarism continues. 

Then there’s this (see video below). 

Many are livid about the video—but not at Planned Parenthood. No. These angry people want to investigate the makers of the film but not the murderers of the babies. This should come as no surprise. 

Think about it. 

Why would folks who support slaughtering live babies oppose selling dead ones? 

But I do have a question for the pro-abortion folks who stand for what they say is a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body. Whose body parts are being sold to the highest bidder?


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