Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Looking Forward To The Past, pt. 3

Full Preterism holds that Jesus' Second Coming is to be viewed not as a future-to-us bodily return, but rather a "return" manifested by the physical destruction of Jerusalem and her Temple in AD 70 . . . Full Preterism also holds that the Resurrection of the dead did not entail the raising of the physical body, but rather the resurrection of the soul [in AD 70]. . .

To the above beliefs I would add that Full Preterists contend that the Millennium also came to an end in 70AD. So, needless to say, 70AD is on the huge side of big for these folks.

So, what exactly would Full Preterists have us believe?

First, the Second Coming of Christ (not a “judgment coming” but the actual Second Coming) was spiritual and non-physical. In fact we must understand that this “Second Coming” was such a monumental, world-changing, paradigm shifting event that no Christian for nearly 2000 years knew it had taken place.

Second, when John the Revelator speaks of a “thousand years” when the Devil is “bound” so that he should “deceive the nations no more” (Rev. 20); he means to convey that the Millennium is a 40 year period of intense persecution for the followers of Jesus. (Had any of the Christians suffering at the time known it…I’m sure they would’ve rejoiced to see the 40 year Millennium finally come to an end.)

Third, the hope of the “resurrection” is that when our bodies are dead they will stay that way. Hallelujah?

Just an aside: Did Jesus’ body stay dead upon His “resurrection”? I never considered the Apostles to preach: “We looked into the tomb and didn’t see a single soul!” I never interpreted the empty tomb story that way.

I always understood Christ’s resurrection to be physical and to be the model, the prototype of ours. But it seems Full Preterists (at least the ones who believe Jesus rose corporally from the dead) offer us something like this: You know how Jesus resurrected from the dead and says you too will be resurrected? Yeah, well…yours won’t be like His at all. 

In other words, dear reader, according to Full Preterism those of us this side of 70AD who anticipate the Second Coming of Jesus, the resurrection of the dead, and life in the new heavens and earth are looking forward to the past.

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