Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Digging Duggars

CNN reports:

Reality TV star Josh Duggar issued an apology Thursday after reports surfaced that he allegedly molested girls as a teenager, saying: "I acted inexcusably."

Duggar, 27, is the oldest of the children who appear on TLC's hit show "19 Kids and Counting." The Duggars are known for being devout Christians who don't believe in practicing birth control and whose children follow strict courtship rules. . . .

Full disclosure: I’ve never watched the show and I hadn’t heard of Josh Duggar until now.

A few thoughts…

First, I am sincerely thankful that our culture continues to find child molestation intolerable. I pray that it always will. But when I consider how our society—in the name of tolerance—continues to spiral downward in a sexual “revolution,” and when I read alarming comments regarding pedophilia; I become concerned that one day, perhaps not all too distant, those seeking to normalize sex with children will succeed in doing so.

Second, when I read on-line comments regarding the Duggar story, I can’t help but notice the vitriolic, vulgar, hate-filled rhetoric aimed at “conservative Christians” in general. Rather than mourn over the ravages of sin, these Christian-despising commentators relish the “opportunity” to attack social conservatives as being sexually repressed (usually in the area of homosexuality) hypocrites. Such thinking is as illogical as it is insensitive.

Speaking of hypocrisy and insensitivity…

Doesn’t it seem odd that the leftist-secularists are much harder on the 14-year-old child molester from Arkansas than the 44-year-old child molester from Hollywood? I guess some folks’ moral outrage goes on the decrease as Oscar nominations go on the increase.

Third and finally, I sincerely pray that the victims of the molestation have experienced and are experiencing (I imagine the spotlight has drudged things up) true emotional healing. I also pray that Josh Duggar is genuinely repentant for his sins.

In other words, dear reader, Jesus is the only cure for what ails us. In Him we find wholeness and forgiveness—grace that is greater than all our sins.


  1. Josh Duggar is a predator. He was 15 and 17 when the crimes occurred, hardly a child. If his parents hadn't covered up his crimes he would have likely gone to prison and been a registered sex offender.

    1. None of your claims--even if 100% true--have anything to do with my article.

      But, thank you for reading and thinking.