Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nothin’ From Nothin’ Leaves…

Not long ago an atheist posted this curious challenge: 

What does Yahweh look like? He isn't a 'he' despite convention. No dimensions? No hands? No body? No brain. Totally incorporeal? 

He sounds essentially like nothingness. So prior to creation, what was 'He' conscious OF? He can't be conscious of himself as consciousness is consciousness OF something...(it's a property of something, not a thing itself) and he's without form I think.  

 Then ...how could a non conscious, non physical, formless.. thing...create ANYTHING? 

Not only is her challenge curious, but for her, it’s also fatal. Notice she contends that "He [God] sounds essentially like nothingness. . . Then ...how could a non conscious, non physical, formless…thing...create ANYTHING?" 

This is an excellent question!  

How does "nothingness" cause or create or account for (whatever term one prefers) "ANYTHING" much less everything? 

This fundamental question has never been, in my estimation, answered by atheists. How can something—in this case the universe and all it contains—come from absolutely nothing? It defies logic (as does the materialist's word salad of how "nothing" really means "a little something"). 

I just don’t have enough faith in nothing to be an atheist. 

Not surprisingly, when I turned her own query against her, she completely ignored it and instead offered three more questions: 

1) Does existence exist independently of consciousness?  

2) does [sic] Yahweh exist? 

3) did [sic] Yahweh speak the universe into existence? 

The answers to these questions are: 1) no, 2) yes, and 3) yes. 

You see, George Berkely famously wrote: "To be is to be perceived." 

Now, we must ask: Perceived by whom? 

My answer to this question is God. God perceives all things. There is nothing that exists apart from or independently of His consciousness. 

There is a universe of things which exists independently of my consciousness (and the consciousness of other humans and animals) but nothing exists independently of the consciousness of God. 

God (the great Perceiver) is the ground of all reality and/or existence. I say again: nothing exists apart from His consciousness.

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