Monday, December 23, 2013

Phil vs. The GLAADiators, pt. 2

And now for a little cultural commentary on the “Duck Dynasty” dust up. 

To begin, I would like to consider the persecution our brothers and sisters in Christ face in other cultures. Antichrists all over the Islamic world and in places such as North Korea are imprisoning, torturing and slaughtering literally thousands of Christians every year.  

Yet we hear relatively little of these travesties in the news or in the pews. 

But when the enemies of our Lord dare to fire a beloved Christian reality TV star…there’s hell to pay. The antichrists have gone too far this time!  

(Hopefully A&E will learn what many churches already know: One simply does not come between American Christians and their entertainment.) 

But let’s be clear here. There’s far more to this than depriving us of our good times. The matters at hand have much deeper significance than the Robertsons and must see TV. So we are quite justified in thinking and writing of these things. 

First, if we have eyes to see, this incident offers us a revelation of sorts: GLAADiators will never be content with simply having “gay marriage.”  

So-called “equal protection under the law” is of little consequence so long as Bible-believing Christians are free to voice God’s displeasure. Mark my words, GLAADiators will neither sleep nor slumber until biblical sexual morality is merely a vestige of the past.  

And contrary to what we’ve been told, GLAADiators are not desirous of tolerance. To tolerate a GLAADiator is to offend him and/or her. They demand affirmation and approval. To GLAADiators, anything short of unqualified approbation is simply unacceptable. Even the slightest hint of disapproval is hastily labeled: “Hate speech.”   

This mislabeling brings us to the vital issue of freedom of thought and expression—a  cultural, not a constitutional matter at this point.
This isn’t a First Amendment issue because the First Amendment has to do with "Congress shall make no law . . ." Rather, this has to do with free expression in the public square. There are more ways than one to stifle debate and public discourse. In other words, all societies inevitably "censor" speech. That is, there are some things that just can't be said... 

The question is, is Christian moral teaching—as it pertains to sex outside of natural marriage—being successfully caricatured as "hate speech" and thereby deemed "intolerable" by the culture at large.  

Are Christians free to speak biblically about homosexuality without being bullied and ostracized; without fear of losing their livelihood, etc.? The answer is all too clear, isn’t it? 

So while we may not be talking about the First Amendment, we are indeed talking about free speech (the true freedom to speak biblically and publicly without fear of reprisals). There was a day in America when Christians spoke without threats of molestation. That time is now behind us. 

But I trust that that time is also before us for the promise of God is this: The future is Christ’s, not antichrists’. 


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