Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sez Who?

Recently an atheist made the wild assertion that if one were to “tally up” the bodies…Christianity is responsible for more killings than atheism. Of course, the claim contains more errors than words. 

Below are my response and the ensuing dialogue. My conversation partner’s words appear bold and italicized 

May God add His blessing your reading. 


"Tallying up" death counts is little more than a red herring.

The question is not, "Who has murdered more?" but rather, "Is murder morally evil?"

Christianity has a developed, codified moral system by which it can determine that which is objectively morally "good" and that which objectively morally "evil."

Atheism has no such construct. Atheism cannot—given its presuppositions—determine murder to be truly, objectively, morally evil.

At best, all atheism can consistently say of murder is: "I don't like it personally" or "I think it should be avoided because it detracts from the happiness of folks."

(It may utter a barely coherent thesis that murder is "bad"—but not "bad" in a MORAL sense—for the propagation of our species. But this is of course, debatable. Murder may be little more than "thinning the herd" which is a "good" thing—“good" in a non-moral sense.)

When an atheist tries to decry murder (by borrowing from theistic morality) all one needs to do is respond: "Sez who?"

“How did you determine this objective moral system in particular?” 

Here you are laboring under the delusion that morality is defined by man. No. Morality is defined by God and imposed upon man—both internally and externally.  

“Ever heard of laws? What's the difference between objective morality and laws? Nothing.” 

What a naïve thing to say! That which is legal is not at all the same thing as that which is moral. Ever heard of “unjust” laws? Morality transcends man-made laws. How can you not understand this? (It’s very unfortunate that one who seems to delight in his own his intellect is utterly ignorant of the elementary distinction between “legal” and “moral.”) 

“And you think I can't say the same thing to god [Sez Who?]?” 

Well…no, not if He doesn’t exist. 


The simple truth is, dear reader, if there is no God, if all that exists is an “accident” of mindless, purposeless “causes;” then morality is nothing more than an illusion—our brains (not to be confused with “minds”) tricking us. The atheist can claim to believe this, but he cannot live in the day-to-day what he claims to believe. 

In fact, atheists can be downright puritanical when announcing their moral outrage towards the “evils” of religion.

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