Tuesday, January 15, 2013

America The Sinful

A month or so ago a friend and I agreed that it seems that America is experiencing, to some degree or another, the judgment of God.  

A Christian woman interjected, “God no longer judges nations. Yes, God judged nations in the Old Testament, but Jesus said nothing about God judging nations in the New Testament. Plus, Jesus died on the Cross for the sins of the world. So, why would God continue to judge nations? 

To begin, her assertion reveals a categorical mistake. We were speaking of the providence or governance of God in the world and she was talking about soteriology. True, Jesus died to save His people from their sin, but Jesus certainly did not die so that America—or any nation—could sin with impunity.  

Thinking that God does not judge America for celebrating homosexuality, legally murdering pre and partially born babies, waging unnecessary wars, and so forth—because Jesus died on the Cross for the sins of the world—betrays a near total confusion of categories. It’s tantamount to contemplating what good music tastes like.  

Furthermore, nothing in the New Testament even remotely suggests that God's judging of the nations, is now obsolete. Correlatively, it is invalid to argue that since Jesus never said anything about God judging nations (which I think is an erroneous assertion); then God doesn't judge nations. 

As I’ve asked many times before: Should we base doctrine on what Jesus DIDN'T say? (Jesus never said a lot of things!) 

If the theory is correct (that subsequent to the Cross, God no longer judges nations) then we must say that for the last 2000 years no nation, empire, or state has been judged by God! Can this be true? 

Think of all the nations and empires which have come and gone--God had nothing to do with it! If God does not judge nations, then nations are not in any sense accountable to Him. (I suppose Thomas Jefferson’s “trembling for his country” was unwarranted.) 

Now, I would ask this: If God no longer judges nations, how is it that He blesses nations? It would seem to me that if God no longer deals with or judges nations (after the Cross), then He cannot bless them.  

How could it be that God can bless a nation but not judge it? The notion that God can only bless America but not judge her is logically and biblically indefensible. 

This notion of God's un-involvement with the rise (blessing) and fall (judging) of nations walls God out of history. God has nothing to do with judging nations? This is Deism, not Christian theism. 

The universal testimony of scripture is that God is sovereign in the affairs of men. He raises up kings and He pulls down kings. This is but another way of saying that God blesses and judges nations. 

God has not been inactive in world history for the past 2000 years. God is sovereign over the nations. He did not cease to orchestrate history after the Advent of Christ. Quite the contrary.  

Christ is the Lord of history. Whether we acknowledge it or not, our nation, as are all nations, is "under God."

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