Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We’re Not Gonna Take It—Gays & Twisted Scripture

As anticipated, I received a few rebuttals to my last entry entitled, “Biblical Answers for Queer Questions.” Because there is nothing new to be said, the usual tired, liberal pablum was offered.

Yet it still amazes me the extraordinary lengths to which some will go in order to “justify” what the Bible condemns. Even more astounding is how some try to simultaneously hold onto scripture in one hand and homosexuality in the other.

I believe they do this because they covet the appearance of respectability. They clamor for the approbation of the Church and the approval of the sinful culture. But on matters of morality, this is a manifest impossibility. “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve” (Joshua 24:15).

Homosexuality is the hot button moral topic of our times, eclipsing even the scourge of abortion it seems. Is this the doing of the Church? No. No it is not. Gay activism in education, entertainment, and government is driving the conversation, not the church.

The church is not unduly elevating the sin of homosexuality, but we must speak of these things because we cannot ignore the ubiquitous push to change the hearts and minds of Americans. Make no mistake, there is a concerted, herculean effort to literally alter—brainwash if you will---the natural, God-given inclinations of our humanity.

The following is my interaction with my detractors. For clarity, their words appear bold and italicized. May God add His blessing to your reading and give us all the courage to stem the tide of the ungodly and stand upon His word.


Please note that almost all biblical references concern heterosexual practices, most especially adultry [sic]. There is only one reference in the OT to man with man, nor homosexuality as understood in modern times, and only Paul‎'s ne remark, which actually probably is to pederasty and/or male prostitution. So there is practically no biblical reference to homosexuality, and none for how we understand it in our times.
In addition to the passages in my article [the aforementioned, “Biblical Answers for Queer Questions"], the Bible also condemns homosexuality in Lev 18:22; 20:13; and Deut 23:17 (and there are other passages as well). And contra your wildly irrational claim, the people of antiquity understood homosexuality--and heterosexuality--just as they understand these things today. (It's not rocket science.)

You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. The Bible, in both Testaments, is abundantly clear that homosexuality is a sin. (There’s no “actually probably” to it.)

Yes, Lev. 18 & repeated in 20, but notice this is only one of a large number of hetero offenses even for death. The man with man is minimal at most. Deut. doesn't really apply because it addresses prostitution by both sexes…You are wrong on what they understood, which was only the practice and not the psychological inclination…Christians should recognize, as most do, that in the community homos must be respected with different human nature so long as they live moral lives

[At this juncture, I was provided an article entitled “Romans 1:25-27, Interpretation by Religious Liberals.”Some of my comments reference words from this article.   http://www.religioustolerance.org/hom_bibc5.htm.]

It is not at all compelling--to those of us who have a high view of scripture, who believe that it is the inspired, infallible, and authoritative word of God (c.f. 2Tim 3:15-17)--to read articles which state that the Bible contains passages which are "immoral" and "should be ignored."

It is not at all compelling to read such nonsense that passages which CLEARLY condemn homosexuality as sinful--are actually "unrelated to homosexuality" or are not about "same-sex relationships." Such claims are nothing but blatantly dishonest obfuscations. The Bible couldn't possibly be more clear concerning the sin of homosexuality.

It is not all compelling to read folks who attempt to minimize what the Bible says concerning homosexuality; claiming that passages which decry the practice are of "minor importance...almost incidental." Or, that they don't "really apply."

It is not all compelling to read the irrational notion that ancient sex was different from modern sex--that the ancients had no clue of "psychological inclination." [Granted, the ancients weren't modern psychologists--we can hardly hold this against them--and didn't employ the jargon of psycho-babble; but they experienced and dealt with "psychological inclinations" nevertheless. The Bible refers to this particular "psychological inclination" as "sexual lust" and rightly calls it sin.] Furthermore, those of us with a high view of the Bible do not believe it to be a collection of ancient prejudices, but rather God's Word.

It is not at all compelling to read your smoke and mirrors and red herrings. Yes, the Bible does speak of heterosexual sins much more often than homosexual sin. But this is a non sequitur. We do not place texts on scales to see which weigh more. And just because homosexuality is listed among other sins doesn't in any way minimize the sin of homosexuality [or the other sins so listed.] The Bible, in no uncertain terms, condemns the sin of homosexuality.

It is not all compelling to read the mistaken notion that "Christians should recognize, as most do, that in the community homos must be respected with different human nature so long as they live moral lives."

Once again, you are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. "Most Christians" do NOT approve of homosexuality, and virtually NONE did before 20th Century liberalism. "Most Christians" rightly consider it a sin. In fact, those denominations which are abandoning the clear teaching of scripture on this issue are hemorrhaging members. Entire churches are leaving such denominations. These are the facts.

The mistaken notion--that “most Christians” approve of homosexuality--is not at all compelling for another, more important reason: Morality isn't predicated upon majority vote. We do not determine what is and what isn’t moral based upon what "most Christians" think. Those of us with a high view of scripture bow to the authority of the Bible. The Bible defines morality, not the Christian.

Thus, claiming that homosexuals [I am not speaking of repentant homosexuals, but of those who are practicing homosexuals] can be living “moral lives” is an absurdity. It’s tantamount to saying active adulterers “must be respected” provided they are living “moral lives.” Such thinking and reasoning is morally and logically penurious.

I wish that those who approve of homosexuality would simply cease twisting the clear words and meanings of scripture, in effort to justify their position. Why can't those who approve of homosexuality be honest enough to admit that their views are not only unsubstantiated by scripture, but are actually contrary to scripture? Why can't they just admit that in regards to homosexuality they believe the Bible gets it wrong? Is this too much to ask? 


  1. It seems that those who seek to justify by Scripture or deny Scripture specifically addresses the issue, are not serious students of the Bible. Does it seem they study with an already determined lens of interpretation? Does anyone who justifies homosexuality by forcing Scripture ever sit down to serious and honest Bible study and with a willingness to be corrected if the Scripture says something otherwise(2 Tim 3:16-17)?

  2. I couldn't agree more, Rick. One has to work very hard to muddy these waters. Such interpretations may be ingenious but never honest.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.